Computational intelligence aims at developing algorithms to support and aid the human for various tasks like decision support systems, recommendation systems, machine translation, and other cognitive tasks. Reconfigurable architectures aid unique computational capabilities for a set of jobs. They offer the performance and energy efficiency of hardware with the flexibility of software. For some domains like digital signal processing, control engineering, reconfigurable architectures are the only solution to achieve the required real-time performance. Their functionality can be upgraded, modified and specialized to the particular instance of a task. With this sequence of thoughts, this conference aims at integrating researchers where the task of computational intelligence could be handled/transformed by reconfigurable architectures. This conference also aims at handling these tasks by these architectures in a secure manner thus ensuring security in decision support tasks.

Selected Papers will be invited to elaborate on their research topic and submit the results to one of the following journals for review and potential publication.

  • International Journal of Society Systems Science
  • International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations
  • Participating Institutions

    1. Department of CSE,
      National Institue of Technology, Tiruchirappalli,
      Tamil Nadu
    2. Department of CSE,
      Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair,
      Andaman and Nicobar Island

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